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We are a bespoke candle manufacturing company

Focused on making beautiful candles for events and home decor. Our candles are hand-poured by real people and take time to make. Before you place your order with us, please make sure your event is not less than 15 working days away.

Arne Claassen


ethereal candle crafters

Candles are the new flowers

All our candles are made in our unique colour palette and wax blend.

Our unique blend makes our candles non-drip, long burning, and rich in colour.

Each candle is made by hand, please expect imperfections and slight colour discrepancies.


Our candles are made to order, are hand poured and will take a minimum of 15 working days to make and shipping can take up to four working days. 

Yes, we offer candle renting for events, there is a minimum order of R3 500.00 not including shipping and please note terms and conditions apply. To enquire about our renting option please email us at

For now, we are an online store only however if you do have an event and would like to see our candle collection before you place an order, please contact us at to arrange an appointment. 

Many factors contribute to the burning rate of a candle. On average our 70mm large pillar candles have a burn time of +/- 34 hours. This is based on burning our candles for no longer than 4 hours at a time. 

A lot of thought, time and resources go into our candle collection. Unfortunately, we cannot create once-off custom-made candles for individuals or small boutique stores. 

We are a manufacturer of candles; no, we do not offer classes. 

Our candles are non-drip; however, all wax melts and we do recommend placing your candles on an appropriate holder designed for the particular candle to catch any melting wax. 

We do have a scented candle collection, yes. 

Our scented candle collection is made from soy wax and a natural wax hardener, and our standard candle collection is made of a blend of different paraffin waxes and natural hardeners.


Our range also includes round and square dinner candles 

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